About 9Health:365

Our Mission

9Health:365 advances health awareness, providing people with the tools they need to take responsibility for their own health.

How We Do It

Every spring and fall, our volunteers from across the state work together to put on 9Health Fairs in their community. Thanks to our 9Health eTools, we can now provide support to Coloradans year-round. Our digital platforms give you access to your own, personal health coach who can help you make the lifestyle changes needed to be as healthy as possible.

We also provide year-round health education through our blog and weekly Facebook Live show Health Happens,  and we invite you to join the conversation!

The History Behind 9Health:365

Physician John F. Brensike was traveling the country in the late 1970s when he observed a high-level of interest for screening services. He noted very few screenings were available and the quality varied. More importantly, there was no mechanism to provide health education and medical follow-up to the community.

Dr. Brensike was passionate about promoting preventative health maintenance. He established the National Health Screening Council for Volunteer Organizations (NHSCVO). Through this organization, the health fair concept was born and presented to interested communities across the nation.

In Colorado, the president of KBTV Channel 9 (currently 9NEWS) recognized the value to the community. He agreed to provide financial and media support to launch the first 9Health Fair in 1980.

About 9Health Fair


“The colo kit saved my life. 15 years ago this kit told me I had blood in my stool. I made my appointment, had surgery, removed 17 inches of my colon, NO BAG needed.  I am alive today because of this kit.  Thanks again for all you do.”

— M. Bowker, 9Health Fair Participant

About 9Health:365 Today

9Health:365 is the largest volunteer-driven, non-profit health, wellness and prevention effort in the nation. Our mission is to raise health awareness and provide people with the tools they need to take responsibility for their health. Thanks to the support of more than 16,000 statewide volunteers, we’ve helped save thousands of lives by providing affordable and convenient screenings and health education. We’ve proudly impacted more than 2 million individuals since inception who took the time to learn more about their health and take control of their lives.

We encourage you to get involved in your health and your community’s health.
Good health starts with 9Health:365 – Host, volunteer or participate today!