Ask A Health Professional

Do you have a medical question or concern?  9Health Neighbors Medical professionals volunteer to help provide information, health education, and, if necessary, a referral to additional medical resources. 

At any time, but especially during the days of COVID-19, health education and knowing the “facts” can help you ensure that you are following the best health practices to stay safe and well. 

To talk to a 9Health Neighbors medical professionalcall 303-996-2137 to leave a message andone of our medical volunteers will call you back to answer questions, discuss any concerns and direct you to local resources within 24 hours. 

Why should I call? 

Do you have a medical concern or question and need answers?  

Do you have questions about COVID-19? 

Did you take one of the virtual screenings and want to learn more about your results? 

Have questions about healthy eating or physical activity? 

Want to know more about high blood pressure? 

Need to know what vaccines you may need? 

Do you need resources to help find a health care provider or other resources such as food or shelter assistance? 

Don’t hesitate! 9Health Neighbors volunteers are on call now to talk with you.  Call 303-996-2137to leave a message and one of our medical professionals will call you back to answer questions, discuss any concerns, and direct you to local resources.  

IMPORTANT: This is NOT meant to replace your regular visits or conversations with your personal health care provider