Is Becoming

9Health Fair, known for providing community health fairs across the state, is expanding services to meet today’s needs. The 42-year-old community non-profit is making its affordable health screenings available year-round and providing additional preventive health tools and services every day of the year.  9Health added 365 to its name and refreshed its brand to reflect this expansion of services to the community.

Coming soon, 9Health:365 will complement the long-standing health screenings by offering primary and behavioral care, and the education essential to using them wisely every day of the year. As services are added and integrated, 9Health:365 fulfills the long-awaited goal of connecting people to the preventive care and tools needed to act on their personalized health findings.

What you can expect from 9Health:365

Health Screenings

Access every day at Quest Patient Service Centers, health fairs and more


Connect to primary and behavioral health through telehealth (available now for small businesses and coming soon for everyone)

Health Equity

Getting access and information around COVID-19 Vaccine clinics and more to come soon

Health Media Library

Evidenced-based health media education and inspiration (real health education to guide your health journey with Dr. Kohli and more)

More information is coming over the next month, but if you would like to see the full press release please click here.