Jumping for Joy in June

Summer is finally just about here and it’s that time of year where adventures and activities are in bloom. Denver has many summer happenings and luckily, living in Colorado, we are fortunate enough to be able to get outdoors and experience our beautiful state. There are many things to do, including going to a baseball […]

The Growing Benefits of Gardening

Now that Mother’s Day has passed, Colorado is considered “in the clear” for gardening. Of course, living in Colorado means we can never guarantee the weather, but that shouldn’t keep us from getting our hands in the dirt! Gardening has many great health benefits for dirt lovers of all ages. One of the most obvious […]

Life is Good Again Thanks to 9Health Fair!

Becky knew something wasn’t right. She had always been full of energy; she loved to walk her dog, go for a jog around her neighborhood and get together with friends for dinner or other fun activities. However, about a year and a half ago Becky started noticing a change in her energy level and her […]

Small but Mighty

What is small, shaped like a butterfly and controls many of your body functions? Answer: Your Thyroid Gland. Located above the Adam’s apple, your thyroid produces thyroid hormone (TH), which regulates temperature, metabolism, heartbeat and a plethora of other things from brain to bowels. Many body functions can be affected when your thyroid is under- […]

What Your Body Is Telling You

Depending how old you are, you have been living in your body for many years. But how often do you stop to listen to what it is telling you? Stop and think about it, your body is always communicating with you … When you can’t breathe walking up a flight of stairs When you feel […]