Meet Louie: Heart Attack Survivor & 9Health Fair Volunteer

Do you recognize this face? It’s Louie Cohn. Maybe you know him personally, maybe you’ve worked one of our 9Health Fairs with him or maybe you’ve seen him in this ad for SCL Health? Louie’s Story Louie has been volunteering for 9Health Fair for a decade now. Like many of our volunteers, Louie is a […]

Outdoor Activities for Early Spring

The days are getting longer and warmer! Take advantage while it’s not too cold or too hot and get outside. According to HarvardMedical School, when you spend time outdoors you reap numerous physical and mental health benefits.  If you’re looking for ideas, here are a few we like. Road Trip/Hike Why not take a short road […]

5 Can’t-Miss Events this March

This month, we encourage you to step out of your usual routine. Try something new. If you usually only get out of the house to go out to dinner or see a movie, why not try one of these events instead. It just might provide you with the opportunity to explore a new neighborhood and […]

The Dangers of Supplements

Many of us are taking some form of supplements, but do you really need those supplements? Too Much Can be a Bad Thing Here’s an example – you may think because you don’t drink milk, that you’re not getting enough calcium. So, you take a calcium supplement. However, did you know that dark, leafy greens, […]

Children’s Screenings at 9Health Fair

Attend a 9Health Fair this fall and you and your children can take advantage of affordable screenings to make sure the entire family is healthy. Why Attend a 9Health Fair? Get Checked Out Together Beth Brady, Medical and Wellness Advisor for 9Health Fair, says there’s nothing, in particular, you need to do to prepare your kids […]