7 Healthy Food Swaps

april 7Getting healthy doesn’t have to be a big deal. Whether your goal is to cut back on calories, unhealthy fats, sugar or cholesterol, there are tons of healthy alternatives out there that won’t leave you feeling unsatisfied with your meal. Try a few small swaps and see how it works for you. Here are 7 healthy (and easy) food swaps.

Choose Oatmeal Over Granola
According to HealthMagazine, “A half-cup cooked serving of Quaker Steel Cut Oats contains just 150 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, and 1 gram of sugar… Meanwhile, a half-cup of Quaker’s Apple, Cranberry, & Almond Granola clocks in at 200 calories, 5 grams of fat, and a whopping 13 grams of sugar.”

Use Olive Oil Instead of Butter
EatingWell recommends swapping butter for olive oil because it has unsaturated fats versus the saturated fat found in butter. Unsaturated fats are the good kinds of fat.

Eat an English Muffin, Not a Bagel
Eating Light Magazine says you can save yourself 100 calories by choosing an English Muffin over a bagel. Forgo the cream cheese and use peanut butter instead.

Instead of White Bread, Go for Whole-Grain
This recommendation comes from the Mayo Clinic. They have a whole list of substitutions that can help you reduce the amount of fat and sugar you consume.

Select Broth Based Soups Over Creamy Soups
The American Heart Association also has a slew of suggestions that can help you cut down on saturated fats and cholesterol. This suggestion is especially helpful when eating out.

In Place of Ice Cream, Enjoy Some Sorbet
This one comes from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. It’s a great low-calorie alternative!

Rather than Drink a Pop, Drink Water
FitWatch recommends drinking water instead of pop, and truly, this goes for any drink. Most people don’t realize how many of their daily calories are coming from what they drink.

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