Get a Helper’s High!

Ever wonder why you feel content and happy after volunteering or helping someone else?  You are experiencing the “helper’s high.”  Your body is flooded with dopamine, a neurotransmitter, which allows you to feel joy and delight in doing certain activities.  A nurturing hormone, oxytocin, is also released that helps cells repair themselves and gather more nutrients.  This potent combination of chemicals will help you feel much happier and less stressed day to day.  The most healthful benefits come with just two hours per week devoted to someone else.  Whether you are giving care to an older parent, watching over your children, or bringing breakfast in bed to someone special, you will enjoy those “helper high” benefits.

The Benefits of Volunteering

There are many benefits of helping others.  Click here to read more!
Would you like to volunteer in Denver, but do not know what you might like?  Live Your Life Well can help by narrowing the field down:
  • Help students: consider volunteering at a school or after school program
  • Work outdoors: try volunteering to clean up one of Colorado’s many parks
  • Speak another language:  translating skills are highly valuable almost everywhere
  • Work at home:  choose your favorite charity or non-profit and make fundraising calls
  • Play sports: volunteer to coach a youth sport
  • Promote health: try volunteering with a 9Health Fair, local hospital or clinic

Denver is home to some fantastic volunteer opportunities when you know what you are looking for.  Click through the following resources.  Perhaps we will even see you soon at one of our 9Health Fairs!

If you are already an active volunteer in your community, tell us how you get your “helper’s high” on our Facebook page!