Health coverage in the time of COVID-19

Contributed by Monica Caballeros, Communications Manager at Connect for Health Colorado

When you have health coverage, you have peace of mind that you can get health care services for preventive reasons, to get the prescriptions you need and to manage chronic conditions. Health coverage is also there to protect your health for those worst-case, emergency scenarios that are hard to imagine- like the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in our Colorado communities.

In response to the COVID-19 emergency in Colorado, the state’s health insurance marketplace Connect for Health Colorado opened a Special Enrollment period for all Coloradans who don’t have insurance to get enrolled in a health insurance plan. The special enrollment period is open now and ends Thursday, April 30.

Shopping for health insurance can be daunting, let alone shopping for health insurance when you’re navigating fast-changing work and home situations. You don’t have to figure out your situation alone, though. We’ve got you covered:

If you’re reading this and you don’t have insurance

Whether you have been uninsured for some time or recently lost your job health insurance, contact Connect for Health Colorado between now and Thursday, April 30. Give us a call, so we can help process the start date. (Hint: Get in touch with us soon and don’t wait until the deadline!)

If you’re reading this and a loved one doesn’t have insurance

Let them know they can still get covered, and it’s not too late! But they have to act now by contacting Connect for Health Colorado. Help spread the word to your friends and family with a call, text, Facetime, WhatsApp, or during your zoom party!

If you’re reading this and might lose insurance from your job

You actually have a 60-day special enrollment period starting from the day you lose job-based coverage to sign up for a new plan. Getting a plan through Connect for Health Colorado is often far more affordable than COBRA. If you’re still covered by your job and feel anxious about what might happen with your work and insurance situation, rest assured that you would qualify for another, longer special enrollment period during the year.

If you’re reading this and worried about costs

If you’ve had a change in your income, job or household situation, remember to report those changes to Connect for Health Colorado. We’ll update the amount of financial help you’re getting now. You might qualify to sign up for the first time, or to change your current plan to something more affordable and suitable to your needs at this time. Plus, we’ll check whether you qualify for free or low-cost care from Health First Colorado, the Medicaid program.