Healthy Substitutes Based on Your Dietary Needs

We are all trying to stay healthy during the holidays, but this time of year we have a lot of temptations. It is the holidays and everyone wants to eat, drink and be merry. In general, we agree. This is a great time of year to enjoy your family traditions, foods and joyful drinks. But we have a few ideas to help us not go off the deep end!

3 Healthy Tips:

  1. Eat a good breakfast!
    Try one of our most popular recipes Pumpkin-Apple-Overnight Oats
    1/2 cup oats
    1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
    2 TBSP of organic pumpkin puree
    2 TBSP of unsweetened apple sauce (microwave a couple slices of granny smith apple and mash)
    Nutmeg, Cinnamon, or Pumpkin Pie Spice, your preference
    **add 1/2 – 1 scoop of Arbonne Vanilla protein powder for additional protein and flavor.
    Mix all ingredients together in a mason jar. Place in the fridge to sit overnight. In the morning, throw it in the micro for 1-2 minutes if you prefer to enjoy it warm. #delish
  1. Drink lots of water – Try making your water pretty – drink out of a wine glass, add a lemon or berries to your water and try alternating the adult beverages with water.
  1. Eat your veggies – You can sneak vegetables in your diet in many ways without sitting down to a plate of broccoli – though we love broccoli. Try cutting up spinach and adding to your spaghetti sauce, or chili recipe. You can add zucchini to chili and even taco meat. Add veggies to your omelet or put them in your smoothie!

To give you even more ideas, we have three healthy swaps specifically for the top three health concerns.

  1. Cardiovascular Disease – try to lower your consumption of fats like sour cream, butter, fried food, heavy meats. Try this healthy swap: make your dip with non-fat greek yogurt instead of sour cream.
  1. Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes – it’s important to reduce the amount of refined sugar and limit carbohydrates. Try swapping dried fruit in soft cookies instead of ¼ of the sugar. You can also use a sugar substitute or added spices to sweeten your recipes.
  1. Obesity – reducing calories in general will help stay on track with one of the most common health issues that can contribute to many other health issues. Try getting more fiber in your diets because experts say fiber will make you feel more full and slow down the digestion of sugar and refined carbs. Try swapping whole grains such as brown rice instead of white rice or white flour.

One of the main reasons we want to be healthy is so that we can enjoy the people and activities we love, so it’s important to enjoy the season or really whatever you are planning – it’s part of mental health!    Remember the 5 pillars of health that we feature on our Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Mental Health and Prevention. We can practice each of them event during the holidays.  Go to for more healthy tips.