The Bear Necessities

(This guest post is authored by Kate E. Jerman of Get Outdoors Colorado)Get Outdoors Colorado is busting a springtime myth to help you get outside with one less wildlife anxiety.  Although there may still be snow on the ground, spring means black bears are coming out of hibernation in Colorado and they will be looking for […]

Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right

(This guest post is authored by Julie Moore of Colorado Beef Council) It is National Nutrition Month and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics wants you to “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right”. Consumer research confirms that taste tops nutrition as the main reason why one food is purchased over another.  However, it’s important that […]

A Holistic Approach to Healthy Aging

(This guest post is authored by Michael Lockwood, PA of IPC/Senior Care of Colorado) The term “holistic” comes from the Greek “holism,” which means all, whole, entire, total.  A holistic philosophy encompasses the entirety of an interdependent system. It recognizes that each aspect has an effect on the whole. Taking a holistic approach to aging […]

The Art of Healing

If you love art, you may already know what scientists are now discovering.   Strong connections are being made between viewing or participating in the arts and a reduction in stress, depression, and anxiety.  The artistic process puts focus back on the person as a whole, rather than on individual symptoms or chronic illness.  Writing, music, […]

Young Adults: Health Insurance is About Being Prepared for the Unexpected

The Colorado Division of Insurance wants everyone to know about the importance of having health coverage, including young people. As younger folks tend to be healthier, they may ask, “Why do I need health insurance? Isn’t it just for sick people?” But health insurance is more than just about staying healthy; it’s about being prepared […]

Cuisine Celebration

Denver Restaurant Week is fast approaching, but it does not have to put a kink in your healthy eating habits if you decide to participate.  There are many healthier options provided that offer lean meats, steamed vegetables, salads, and sorbets for dessert.  Vegetarian and gluten free options are plentiful as well.  Denver Restaurant Week is […]

Fall in Love with the Outdoors

February is American Heart Health Month and a perfect time to fall in love! How about falling in love with the outdoors? Recent studies have shown that physical activity in the U.S. is down by 32%, so 9Health Fair and Get Outdoors Colorado have teamed up to bring you fun and new ways to enjoy […]

Resource Roulette

To learn more about heart disease or how to reduce cholesterol intake, how do you navigate through 644 million active websites to find the few that will provide true, evidence-based suggestions and guidance?  To start with, select websites that end in .gov, .org, or .edu.  These sites have a higher chance of being trustworthy.  In […]

Rainbows Taste Delicious

Do you eat an apple a day?  While that is certainly good for you, experts say “no single fruit or vegetable provides all of the nutrients you need to be healthy.”  Harvard School of Public Health says eating a variety of produce rich in natural colors of the rainbow has many health benefits, such as […]

Five Things to Know About Your Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance is important… and complicated, but consumers need to understand what they purchased.  Don’t wait for a crisis to find out what is and isn’t covered in your health insurance policy.  As people take the time to read their policies, the Division of Insurance (DOI) suggests the following 5 areas as key starting points […]