Reach Your Goals with 9Health Fair

How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions?  Even if you have not accomplished everything you would have wanted by this point, there is still time to make a difference before the end of the year.  Use your 9Health Fair results to reevaluate and modify your goals.
A simple way to get started on your health and wellness path is to join us for the Live Healthy Challenge! Choose one activity from one of the four pillars of health: active play, care for self and others, sleep, or nutrition and do that activity (or rotate activities) each day for three weeks – that is just long enough to form a habit.  It can be as easy as drinking one more glass of water each day or walking your dog!  You can win a free lunch and a 9Health Fair lunch bag.  Visit our website to learn more and join in!
Once you have identified something specific to work on, try these tips to get back on track at the 6th month mark:
·         Refine your goals:  make sure it is realistic in the time remaining in the year.  It takes your brain time to literally rewire itself for healthier habits.
·         Put your goals out there:  say them loud and proud.  Write them down and keep them visual in your everyday places.
·         Develop an Action Plan: start at the end and backtrack to identify attainable milestones along the way.  Enter your action plan into your calendar to monitor your progress and look for when and how to reward yourself.
·         Try, Try Again:  You cannot succeed without failures.  Be prepared for some set-backs and take them for what they are.  Pick yourself up and remember you can do this.
·         Get a Buddy:  Check in with someone you are close to.  They can help you stay motivated and celebrate with you when you reach milestones along the way! 

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