Spring is in the Air…and the Soil!

Spring is in the airHave you noticed? Maybe your nose already has! Spring is here! The trees and flowers are blooming, the sun is out longer and the temperatures are warming up. So why not visit a few local gardens to give yourself some ideas for your own planting this Spring?

Denver Botanic Gardens

Maybe you’ve lived in Denver for a while now and every year you think to yourself that you should go and check out the Denver Botanic Gardens, but then never do. Well now is the time! This year, make a point to actually do it. Why wait? Look at your calendar, and find the next day you don’t have anything scheduled. Got it? Great! Now invite someone to go with you. Now you’re going. You’re welcome!

The Hudson Gardens

There are so many reasons to visit The Hudson Gardens. Did you know that they offer classes? It’s a great way to learn more about all aspects of gardening. Who knows, after a few classes you just might be inspired to turn your own home into a botanic garden!

Denver Botanic Gardens – Chatfield Farms

You might think if you go to the Denver Botanic Gardens on York Street that there’s no need to visit the Chatfield Farms location, but that’s just not true. The biggest reason? They have chickens! And they have other animals too, but if you’re interested at all in urban homesteading you must go and check out their chickens and their coop setup.

Feeling Inspired?

After you’ve visited the gardens you’re likely to find yourself feeling inspired. Why not try container gardening? Colorado StateUniversity has some great information on container gardening with vegetables. Just know that it will take a little more work than growing flowers, but you can eat what you grow! Warm season vegetables that grow well in Colorado include beans, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes.
Also, don’t forget to hit up a 9Health Fair while you’re out and about. Maybe you can find one before or after your trip to the gardens.