The Charms of Water

It is widely known that water exercise provides a vast array of benefits.  Over time, the body will enjoy increased endurance and circulation, improved flexibility and strength, a trimmer physique, along with joint and muscle relief.  In addition, there is just something primal about listening to the sound of running water and wanting to be in it and near it.  You can close your eyes and feel the stress and tension leave your body as you hear gentle ripples of water roll by or the sound of a garden fountain trickle.  Whether you seek a quieter mind or physiological benefits, Colorado can offer alluring opportunities to fulfill your water desires despite being land-locked.
As Memorial Day nears, try out these unique Colorado water getaways:
Gunnison, CO
Follow the Gunnison River west 10 miles to locate The Blue Mesa Reservoir.  Two marinas along the twenty mile stretch of lake will help initiate your outdoor activities of boating, water skiing, and fishing.  No entrance fee is required for the Curecanti National Recreation Area, but fees do apply for water recreation on the reservoir.
Near Alamosa, CO
The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is home to a unique watery experience.  Spring mountain runoff from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains flows down and across the sands of the dunes creating shallow, gentle ripples of water great for swimming and tubing.  There is of course plenty of sand to build your next masterpiece or simply take a stroll through.   Go early in the summer however; by August, the creek will be a distant memory.  Entrance fee: $3.00 per adult 16 years and older.
Boulder, CO

In this oasis just minutes away from Boulder and Longmont, you can enjoy many kinds of recreational pastimes.  The diverse landscapes of the Boulder Reservoir lend themselves well to swimming, walking, running, and beach lounging.  This is the perfect mini vacation from your daily routine and is close enough to be home for dinner!  Entry fees are charged from Memorial Day through Labor Day: $6.25 for adults, $3.75 for children.