Vitamin D and Heart Health

Low vitamin D levels have been associated with an increased risk of heart disease.

“Observational studies where you look at people who have low vitamin D and you look and see what type of outcomes they have, suggest that there’s an increased risk of heart attacks, of strokes, of heart failure, and even of dying in those individuals that have low vitamin D,” said 9Health:365 Expert, Dr. Payal Kohli.

Kohli explained that most of us are vitamin D deficient and just taking a supplement may not be enough.

The key is that association doesn’t always mean causation. An analysis in JAMA Cardiology found that just taking a vitamin D supplement alone did not reduce the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. “The way I like to think about vitamin D is really like a marker of risk. So, it’s absolutely important to replete your vitamin D if it’s low but realize that you may still be at high risk and may need to aggressively reduce your other risk factors for heart disease,” added Kohli.

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