Wake up Your Brain and Learn!

Denver is a great place to get out and learn something new!  Try an activity that requires mental and social stimulation for a long-term memory boost.  Active, stimulated learning will cause dopamine, a brain chemical, to be released and will leave you feeling refreshed, alert, and engaged by your new experience.


This two-minute quiz from Edutopia just might help you figure out what and how you want to learn this year.  Do not forget to “dig deeper” into the results after you take the quiz for your specific learning style suggestions.
Many local resources allow us to engage our brains for free or at a low cost per session.  For instance, with the Denver Public Library you can learn all about Microsoft Office programs, digital photography, sewing, crafts, and sculpting all in January.  Or try oil painting, ceramics, or learning how to play the piano from Denver Parks and Recreation.  Though most of the classes are not free, Colorado Free University and Emily Griffith Technical College offer a truly staggering amount of hobby and professional type classes.  You are almost guaranteed to find something new to learn.
Have fun learning this year!  Let us know how you are keeping your brain engaged on our Facebook page.