Why Flu Shots Are More Important Than You Think

So, probably like you, I’ve read scary articles and heard news stories about otherwise healthy people getting the flu and ending-up seriously ill and in the hospital. Yet, these alarming and deeply frightening stories, seem distant… no one ever thinks it could happen to them.

Do You Know if You’re More At-Risk for Contracting a Flu Virus?

I knew I was personally more at-risk for contracting a flu virus due to underlying asthma, which not only weakens your immune system, it compromises lung function on a good day. That said, five years ago (at the age of 48), I was just too busy to get a flu shot…

Well, what would have been a slight inconvenience of time and money and averted much bigger inconvenience and great expense personally and financially, turned into a week-long very scary stay in the intensive care unit. It was profoundly impacting for my family and me, worried if would I recover?

I woke up one day feeling a little achy, tired and stuffy…by the end of the day I was in bed with a fever of 101, body aches, chills, headache, coughing, nausea and more. Progressively, my breathing got more labored and difficult. As an asthmatic I knew to take my inhalers and breathing treatments, nothing helped.

My family became so concerned they made a call to 911. By the time the EMT crew got to my home, I was really struggling to catch a breath. Lights, sirens, actions, they went to work on me in fast route to the ER.

For Some, Recovery Can Take a Long Time

Doctors evaluated, took blood and determined it was the flu and that I needed to be admitted immediately. With almost round-the-clock breathing treatments for two-days, accompanied by large doses of steroids…I slowly began to respond, but my body was very weak. I didn’t get out my hospital bed for two-days solid, and when I finally did…I needed an escort to and from the bathroom with my legs so weak, my energy and breath still recovering. Five more days in the hospital with loads of meds and fluids, I began to perk-up like a flower receiving much-needed nutrients.

I was so grateful for the care that I received and all that was done to help get me through my flu crisis, who knew? It took nearly 6-months after to feel human again and to be able to do the things with any vigor that I did before. It also took a big toll on my psyche.

I’m never too busy to get a flu shot now…in fact, I tend to be on the earlier side of getting one than most people. Fear will do that to you!

Please care for yourself and family…prevention is key. It’s easy…a quick trip to your local pharmacy… a quick prick in the shoulder from your friendly pharmacist and you’ve armed yourself against what could be a catastrophic situation.

Have the flu fly by…get your vaccine today!

Keep Colorado Flu Free

9Health is proud to partner with Albertsons/Safeway in the campaign to Keep Colorado Flu Free this year. Together, along with other partners, we are providing flu shot vouchers at all 9Health Fairs this fall with a purchase while supplies last.

Here’s how you can join our campaign:

Get a Flu shot –

  • Most insurance covers a flu shot at no cost
  • Go to 9Health Fair to get a flu voucher (with purchase of a screening)
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Donate a Flu shot –

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Let’s Keep Colorado Flu Free!