9Health:365 Comprehensive

Empower Your Team to Live a Better, Healthier Life

$99 per year, per employee

24/7 Telehealth 365 Days a Year

Health Screenings

Educational Resources

Finally. An affordable health benefit your employees will actually use.  

Unlike insurance, 365: Comprehensive is simple, easy to understand, and can reduce out-of-pocket costs. It’s text-first, 24/7, no-appointment needed telehealth that connects to a licensed physician in less than 60 seconds. It also includes a screening that provides 28 essential measures of health and unlimited advice from medical professionals – all at no extra charge.  

Benefits for employers:  

  • Works for uninsured, underinsured, or already insured employees.
  • Helps small businesses with tight budgets compete for talent without breaking the bank.
  • Potential cost savings over time as employees learn how to be healthier and better consumers of health.
  • Added value that meets the high expectations of today’s competitive workforce.

Benefits for employees:  

  • Avoid costly visits to the ER, urgent care, and clinics 
  • 60-second access to medical professionals for quick answers and insights. Any time of the day or night. Any day of the year.  
  • No appointment necessary.
  • 28 essential measures of health in one screening.
  • Unlimited online health education and motivation.

All for only 27¢ per member, per day

Jenn From Denver Says:

“What a relief to have CirrusMD in my pocket. I hurt my eye and I used my CirrusMD app to text a doctor. He asked for a picture and told me my eye was just bruised and it would get better on its own. Without CirrusMD I would have driven over 50 miles to get to an eye doctor and likely would have spent a few hundred dollars to find out it was nothing.”

Ready to Sign Up? Here’s How:

1. Contact 9Health:365 to enroll your organization at 1.800.332.3078 or email [email protected]

2. We will provide a unique registration code just for your team, then work together to get the word out.

3. Member registration is quick and easy – online or with a call to our friendly customer support team.

      • Find a member registration guide here
      • Find a member FAQ here


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Still Have Questions? Call us at 1.800.332.3078, email us at [email protected], or fill out the form below.  

9Health Comprehensive is part of the future of 9Health:

For years 9Health has provided critical health screenings through thousands of health fairs. Now we’re moving beyond annual health fairs to provide online services, tools, and resources that help you stay healthy 365 days a year. Learn more about our affordable health screenings, free online assessments, and health advice and information.

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