9Health Supporting Communities During COVID-19


COVID-19 is threatening the lives and livelihoods of many here in Colorado, so 9Health, like many nonprofits, has had to be agile and resourceful in fulfilling its mission. The pandemic has made preventive screenings more urgent—all while making them more difficult to provide. This crisis is felt more acutely by vulnerable populations, who have come to depend on 9Health to manage their health.

John A., a loyal 9Health participant with pre-diabetes, was recently furloughed and afraid to leave home due to the pandemic. The new low-cost 9Health AtHome A1c test was just the kind of solution he needed to feel safe. “I was really excited there was a way for me to keep on top of my health during this scary time! Thank you 9Health!”

John’s reluctance to seek medical attention is part of a larger issue with healthcare access, where many can’t afford insurance or fear seeking help. There are thousands of people furloughed from their jobs and often they are our essential workers—people producing our food, delivering goods, or cleaning schools. Helping them to get basic screenings is essential to keeping our entire community safe.

Please join us in making a difference by helping us meet our $40,000 goal, part of a larger goal to support 10,000 vulnerable individuals like John in 2021. The need is vast—and growing every day—especially now. Here is how 9Health is answering the need:

Streamlined 9Health Fairs with adaptations to provide safe and essential screenings now—and in the future.

9Health atHome Kits fast-tracked due to the pandemic. Simple, low-cost screenings like A1c can be performed in the comfort of one’s own home. The kits are of significant benefit to rural and vulnerable populations. Learn More >

9Health Discovery Kits that are low-cost Covid-19 antibody testing and preventive health screenings. 9Health and Quest Diagnostics have partnered to provide this valuable resource at Quest Patient Service Centers. Learn More >

9Health Neighbors is a free service that connects volunteer medical professionals to anyone with health-related questions about the pandemic or other concerns. It is listed on the Colorado State Health website as a resource for those who do not have insurance.

We could not do this without dedicated donors like you! Your support during this time helps us be there for more vulnerable Coloradans as we move through this pandemic and beyond. Your generous gift contributes to BIG impact. Consider individual donations and corporate matching—two great ways to give!

Thank you and be well!

What Your Donation Provides

9Health continually seeks to reduce barriers in pursuit of better health and quality of life for everyone. 9Health is proud to serve our community no matter an individual’s ability to pay. When you donate to 9Health, you’re helping us to breakdown more barriers in communities throughout Colorado.

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