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Donating to 9Health – or any organization for that matter – is a big decision. We want to make sure you’re well aware that your generous donation will be put to good use.

Since 1980, we’ve relied on charitable gifts to help provide affordable and convenient health education and screenings to Colorado families, friends and neighbors. When you donate to 9Health, you are impacting your community by helping people live happier, healthier, better lives.

Through Your Generous Donations, We Can Provide:

  • FREE cervical cancer screenings for women
  • FREE blood work vouchers for people in need
  • FREE screenings for vision, dental, hearing, blood pressure, and more
  • FREE online depression and anxiety screenings with connection to mental health professionals in partnership with Spark the Change
  • LOW-COST blood chemistry screenings for people
  • LOW-COST at home blood screenings for Coloradoans
  • Critical or alert follow-up calls from medical professionals to participants with out-of-range results

Your donation will go towards helping thousands of people by providing life-saving early detection and prevention.

9Health Education

Thank you for contributing to 9Health during this challenging time…our health education and services are now more important than ever”

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Your charitable gifts are tax deductible!
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“I’d like to extend a sincere thank you to the 9Health Fair and the Boulder Jewish Community Center. I attended the 9Health Fair Wednesday and found ample parking and attendants to help locate empty spaces. Once inside, yes there were lines, but they moved along smoothly and in no time I was at the blood screening location. I was soon moved to a station where my blood was drawn. I also want to mention that my doctor has a very high regard for the blood screening. After I had orange juice and a graham cracker, I was out the door. Total elapsed time: 35 minutes. organizations are a wonderful part of our community and I’m grateful.” P. Sutton, 9Health Fair Participant