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November 2019

Topics include last chance 9Health Fairs, health insurance, american diabetes month, colorado gives day.

October 2019

Topics include 9Health Fairs, health insurance 101, medicare 101, pain management, breast cancer awareness.

September 2019

Topics include 9Health Fairs, flu shots, food waste, immunization awareness.

August 2019

Topics include summer safety for pets, UV Index, eye safety, summertime allergies, diabetes.

July 2019

Topics include summer safety, mental health, men’s health, cataract awareness.

June 2019

Topics include mental health, meales in Colorado, mindfulness, senior mental health, air quality, epilepsy.

May 2019

Topics include 9Health results, mental health, nutrition, exercise, signs of a stroke, varicose veins, health insurance.

April 2019

Topics include 9Health Fairs, volunteers, testimonials.

March 2019

Topics include exercise, MIND diet, colorectal cancer, cooking skills, save your vision.

February 2019

Topics include lifestyle and health connection, vaping and teen health, Culinary Medicine.

January 2019

Topics include 40 years of 9Health, volunteer, The Let Down Effect, recipes, overcoming vertigo, wet, wrap therapy, dermatitis. [/vc_toggle]

2018 Newsletter Archive

December 2018

Topics include Colorado Gives Day, volunteer, Culinary Medicine, lead in your water, hoarding.

November 2018

Topics include Colorado Gives Day, volunteer, open enrollment, flu, work-life balance, stress, mindfulness.

October 2018

Topics include: what to expect, risks for breast cancer, 9Healthy Tickets.

September 2018

Topics include flu shots, new health screenings, how to know if you’re suffering from anxiety.

August 2018

Topics include new health screenings, flu shots, how being too skinny can be bad for your bones.

July 2018

Topics include Why you shouldn’t clean your ears with cotton swabs, summer safety, advance directives.

June 2018

Topics include 9Health assist, what to do with your results, how many steps a day you should be taking.

May 2018

Topics include Information on health results, tips for running, and what the inside of your colon looks like.

April 2018

Topics include Rheumatoid Arthritis prevention, what’s the “right diet,” and the Colorado healthcare consumer survey.

March 2018

Topics include Spring 9Health Fair locations, help with health goals, and volunteer opportunities.

February 2018

Topics include: Keeping your New Year’s resolutions, flu advice, cervical cancer prevention. 

2017 Newsletter Archive

December 2017

Topics include New 9Health eTools program eWell, a deeper look at the opioid epidemic, 9 things your doctor wants you to know.

November 2017

Topics include New 9Health program 9Health eTools, what happens when you develop diabetes, do you have TMD (TMJ).

October 2017

Topics include Preventing Alzheimer’s, flu shots, other vaccinations.

August 2017

Topics include: How to ease back pain, volunteerism, where to go for care.

July 2017

Topics include: How to have healthy, glowing skin, community impact of Spring 2017 9Health Fairs, looking for testimonials.

June 2017

Topics include: Why you should find a primary care doctor now, which “milk” is the right milk for you, results’ Q & A.

May 2017

Topics include: How will you know if you have an urgent health concern, cholesterol and diabetes-friendly Memorial Day recipes, tips to live a healthier life now.

April 2017

Topics include: Reasons to attend a 9Health Fair, food safety, Colorado’s Cottage Food Laws.

March 2017

Topics include Health finances, tips for happiness, caffeine, and workouts.

February 2017

Topics include B12 health screening, heart health, tips for avoiding/preventing back pain.

January 2017

Topics include: Filling the Medicare gap, marijuana, things to know when moving to Colorado.

2016 Newsletter Archive

December 2016

Topics include Workplace wellness, healthy substitutes based on dietary needs, holiday health tips, community events.

November 2016

Topics include Diabetes risk, how to interpret your results, when is it just aging versus something serious, talking to youth about retail marijuana.

October 2016

Topics include Which aspects of your health you should monitor, cognitive health, breast self-exam no longer recommended.

September 2016

Topics include: Testosterone screening offered this fall, importance of family trees, online scavenger hunt.

August 2016

Topics include Broncos Health & Wellness Expo, #BusyBeingHealthy, 3 ways to make time for yourself, school lunch ideas, scavenger hunt.

July 2016

Topics include Your Guide to Summer Health, the new food labels.

June 2016

Topics include Results, exercise advice, and habits, sleep guidelines.

May 2016

Topics include Results, sleep hygiene, mental health month, healthy recipes for the grill, report on 2015 numbers.

April 2016

Topics include Afternoon health screenings, diabetes screenings, 9Health Fair results, 9Health Ready, 7 healthy food swaps.

March 2016

Topics include How 9HF complements your insurance, children’s screenings offered, benefits of volunteering, dangers of supplements.

February 2016

Topics include Foods that fuel you, 9Health Fair spring season, FDA dietary guidelines, Black History Month.

January 2016

Topics include 9Health Ready, 3 ways to improve mental health. 

2015 Newsletter Archive

December 2015

Topics include Holiday stress, comprehensive care, grandkids effect on health, “Healthy Hat” winner.

November 2015

Topics include Favorite health apps, Thanksgiving recipes, talking to children about disasters, volunteer opportunities, 9Health Fair survey.

October 2015

Topics include the Latest news in diabetes research, dangers of obesity, Halloween and oral health, sugar situation, ways to de-stress, rituals to make you happier, fall activities.

September 2015

Topics include Why you should vaccinate your children, Family 9Health Fair season, back to school checklist, effects of bullying, Broncos Cheerleader cheers.

August 2015

Topics include Back to school with 9Health Fair, Broncos Health & Wellness Expo, medication safety, medical marijuana, summer bucket list.

July 2015

Topics include Family 9Health Fairs, make your health game plan, balancing conflicting health recommendations, caffeine, first aid kits.

June 2015

Topics include 3 steps to happier you, vitamin d, 9 signs of Alzheimer’s disease, understanding your 9HF results.

May 2015

Topics include 9Health Fair results, thyroid, benefits of gardening.

April 2015

Topics include Spring season, call for volunteers, 5 goals that can make you healthier, 9Health Fair Yoga Open, camping with kids.

March 2015

Topics include Spring season, 9HF Final Four Challenge, time change, From Couch to 5K, causes of high blood pressure.

February 2015

Topics include Fasting no longer required at 9Health Fair, 9Health Trail Blazers, winterize your heart, children’s oral health, winter hiking and hydration, bone marrow donation.

January 2015

Topics include Turn your vice around, American Diabetes Association Expo, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, diet myths.

2014 Newsletter Archive

December 2014

Topics include: The 9Health Fair Wellness Challenge, avoiding holiday mishaps, tips for dressing in layers, 9Health Fair celebrations and more.

November 2014

Topics include: How to obtain and understand your 9Health Fair results, Colorado Gives Day, how worrying affects your health, exercise and “white matter,” the Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens and more.

October 2014

Topics include Where to find family 9Health Fairs, fasting, family wellness tips, tricks for keeping Halloween treats off your teeth, digital detoxing, how to consume the right kinds and amounts of protein, various fall festivals, safe family hiking trails, etc.

September 2014

Topics include Family 9Health Fairs, your child’s health, kid’s oral health screenings, King Soopers’ Wellness Festivals, how to safeguard your home from mold, how to get a “nice fix” and more.

August 2014

Topics include Where to find family 9Health Fairs, steps for sitting less at the office, the modern-day treasure hunt, the Colorado National Guard and more.

July 2014

Topics include: How to be swim savvy, summer hydration, summer trivia, eating beef for breakfast, dehydration myths and more.

June 2014

Topics include How to reach your goals with 9Health Fair, the fifth highest source of added sugar in your child’s diet, Lyons 9Health Fair, six tips for successfully using your health insurance and more.

May 2014

Topics include May – the month for moving, how to obtain and understand your results, comprehensive weight assessments, unique Colorado water getaways, spring training tips, the Internet Essentials program and more.

April 2014

Topics include: Why you should attend a 9Health Fair, how to expedite your 9Health Fair experience from home, reducing stress with yoga, how to create a healthier work environment, the 9Health Fair Yoga Open, the many benefits of gardening, etc.

March 2014

Topics include Why you should thank a 9Health Fair volunteer, making the ACA work for you, a holistic approach to healthy aging, how to enjoy eating right, the art of healing, the bare necessities and more.

February 2014

Topics include Resource roulette, five things to know about your health insurance policy, why you should eat the rainbow, falling in love with the outdoors and more.

January 2014

Topics include Making your New Year’s resolution a reality, benefit from the “helper’s high,” the International Snow Sculpture Championships, how to wake up your brain and learn, etc.

2013 Newsletter Archive

December 2013

Topics include Giving the gift of health, ingredient substitutions, five things to know when selecting a health insurance broker/agent, winter wonderland activities and more.

November 2013

Topics include How to obtain and understand your results, five questions to ask about health insurance, giving the gift of health, etc.

October 2013

Topics include Family 9Health Fairs, the haunting facts about Halloween treats, family-friendly Halloween activities, Exhibition Health, etc.

September 2013

Topics include Taking charge of your weight and health, family 9Health Fairs, coffee health risks, new recommendations on PSA testing and more.

August 2013

Topics include: Why you should attend a family 9Health Fair, how to put insomnia to sleep, health benefits of cycling and more.

July 2013

Topics include: Finding sunburn relief, information about melanoma, climbing Mount Evans, dangers of diet soda, family 9Health Fairs and more.

June 2013

Topics include Household poison awareness, dangers of overheating, outdoor yoga, obtaining and understanding your results, the 9Health Fair Shepherd Program and more.

May 2013

Topics include Sleep deprivation, 9Health Fair celebrations, understanding your results and more.

April 2013

Topics include Spring 9Health Fairs, blood pressure, benefits of eating an energy-boosting breakfast, etc.

March 2013

Topics include: Volunteer opportunities, COPIC Medical Foundation grant, hepatitis C screening, Colorado Beef Council recipes and more

January 2013

Topics include Spring 9Health Fairs, giving the gift of health, New Year’s resolutions and more.

2012 Newsletter Archive

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