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Become a sponsor of 9Health Fair and take advantage of this opportunity to promote health awareness and encourage individuals within your community to assume responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, it will also provide you with an exceptional marketing platform from which you can facilitate communication and create awareness and visibility for your organization.

In fact, 9Health Fair reaches more homes and people in Colorado than any other health event, so it comes as no surprise that it’s also the most publicized health event in the state. Most importantly, 9Health Fair sponsors become a part of something larger by helping impact the lives of more than 1.7 million individuals.

So, help us inspire and empower personal well-being. For that reason, become a 9Health Fair sponsor today!

Sponsorship Packages Available

9Health Fair has a wide range of sponsorship packages available that will fit the needs of any organization. For more information about how partnering with 9Health Fair will help provide value and reach to your organization, please contact Marla Rodriguez at (303) 698-4455 or [email protected].

Social Campaign Package

  • 2 Facebook Posts
  • 2 Tweets + 2Retweets

Website Sponsorship Package

  • Client supplied guest blog hosted on our website (must be original content not already posted on another site)
  • 9Health Facebook and Twitter posts linking back to guest blog


  • Maybe you want: a guest blog on our site with video plus us to link to it on our social channels and boost the post. We can do that! What do you want in a sponsorship? Let’s create one together.

Underwrite Health Happens

  • Already has nearly 2 million views to date
  • Health consumer topics with top medical experts
  • Tuesdays at 11am
  • Shared on 9News FB page and others